I wanna help you guys out while helping myself with tuts!

Discussion in 'Production' started by W3st, May 15, 2014.

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    Hey everyone,

    A few months ago i started a thread for helping ppl who use FL studio.

    I want to continue that project as part of a house blog i started which can be found at: bikeshopboyz.wordpress.com

    My section is the music production one called Beat Dat Meat. This can be found at http://bikeshopboyz.wordpress.com/beat-dat-meat/

    Post anything youd want me to tut up. Im going to do one now on different sidechain techniques that I know on FL and some different ways in which they can be used.

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    hey man, it would be cool to see some ways i can ad stereo width to my tracks in fl.
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    1 - Spread your cymbals. Think on a real drumkit, with a real drummer playing. The sounds have their origins on different places. Try to emulate this on your songs (pand hats left-right, also rides, crashes, splashes, etc.), but leave the kick and snare always mono (depending on the track, you can move the snare SLIGHTLY to the sides)

    2 - Pads: atmospheric/ambient pads need to "fill out" the space, as support for the main instruments (drums, bass, leads). My advice is to search the stereo spread when you're synthesizing them. I found out that taking care of the stereo spread on the synthesizing part gives a more natural feel, than making it a mono and using a stereo enhancer after that

    3 - Bass: when working with bass, I don't make it all mono, but with a little stereo spread, to make it seem bigger.

    4 - Percussion: you can spread your percussion as well. Or use a panned delay on them.
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    For Atmos/Pads you can also make 2 channels pan one hard right, and one hard left then add a small elay to one channel, very small 0-10ms, and you can you use the Levels and delay time to place the sounds in the field.

    Nice Article here http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/sep10/articles/pt-0910.htm
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