I usually don't do intro posts but yeah


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I'm new to mixing--like basically completely new. I started a few years ago, then got turned off because I tried showing my stuff to some people on one forum, and they were pretty mean about it. I didn't expect to be great out of the gate, of course, I just wanted to know how I was doing....
But in other places I've posted edits I've done and people *do* like them, so I'm a little more confident now and have decided to get back into it.

I'm probably a lot older than most of the people here--I'm 30, but I've always loved to dance and loved music. I've always wanted to start a band, I used to be punk back in the day, but it's a little harder for a woman sometimes. I don't have the attention span to learn an instrument either. I started kinda thinking I could make stuff when I dated a guy who was making electronic music himself and wanted to have a duo with me singing (which never got off the ground).

It's gotten a long time for me to get confident in myself about creating music (while I'm creative in other things like fashion and writing), but I want to learn everything I can to make awesome music.

I also have pretty awesome band-naming skills, but I save all the good names for myself. heh.


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welcome to the forum - lots of useful stuff in the various subforums in regards to mixing/producing or whatever you feel like doing, s'all good