I think i speak for all of us when i say thank god he is alright.

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Paul Daniels, the magician, was taken to hospital with head injuries after being hit in the face by a pizza thrown by the puppet Sooty.

The 73-year-old was filming a scene for ITV's The Sooty Show when he was struck by the flying pizza, leaving him dazed.

Daniels suffered a black eye and was taken to hospital for treatment, The Sun reported.

The newspaper claimed that the incident happened after Daniels complained that in a first take of the scene, the pizza had not been thrown hard enough.

But as the puppet - operated by co-star Richard Cadell - hurled the Italian dish a second time, Daniels was injured.

Chris Davis, Daniels's agent, told the newspaper: "It damaged his eye. We had to go to hospital and cancelled a gig, but he's made a full recovery."


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Unless we find someone who was meant to be at that cancelled gig I'm going to assume it's a PR stunt. I bet he's secretly pissing himself reading stuff like this...
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