I remember my dreams!

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this is not the first track on here today that seems to have the life compressed out of it, your kick and snare need a sharper attack, they sound like the have been completely flattened by compression.

technical stuff aside, the vibe here would actually be incredible potentially. those vocal pads are hypnotic and your percussion edits are top notch, the bass has loads of life... yeah massive potential with this style just the mix and use of compression that I think need working out.
Love it man, definitely feel the vibes on this one. Aside from the percussion, everything sounds pretty top-notch. The only thing id still do is maybe play around with that vocal sample "I remember my dreams" a bit, make it fit a bit more with the moody and ominous atmosphere of the song by maybe pitching it down in certain sections of the song, maybe give it some delay, make it a bit "darker"...
Like d-low said, great potential with this track
Pretty much what's already been said as far as the big picture goes, but all of the 'pieces' sound great, just need to clean up how they're fit together. I really like the knocking sounds you have in the main section, would be nice to hear them given a little more room to breathe :)
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