<<<I Need Your Tunes For A Liquicity Podcast>>>

wassup guys and gals,

if you havent come across Liquicity yet, youve been missing out lol..... check him on youtube.com/liquicity

he and an amazing producer with the name of Deep Focus have just launched their first podcast, which is available from iTunes Store (dont worry it is free), definatly cannot be missed.

i am trying to source some new talent, for my guest apperance on one of the soon to come podcasts, and thought dnbforum is the best place to start.
so if you are a dnb producer (all styles, but prefrably liquid) then please please send you dubs to me, and i will try and fit them into my set. i will also be forwarding them to deep focus and liquicity, so if they dont make it in my set, they may be featured in later podcasts.

Please sent to:

AIM = sencaedubs
Email = djsencae@googlemail.com

Cheers & have a good week

Please check my youtube account for some of my work @