Drumstep I need some direction for this tune!


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It's ok, I like the lead at 1.18 and fact that you used a really lo-fi piano sound.
Drums could come through a bit more.
It's maybe a little contrived for my taste, especially the piano chords and melody, needs to be a bit more unconventional and a bit less amateur. Try using broken chords and messing with the rhythms of the melody, plus using larger intervals/arpeggios of the scale for the piano. Does that make sense?

What do you mean about surprise in this track? Do you mean that each drop should be unexpected?
If so, you could try leaving some silence before the drop, or skipping beat 1 and bringing it all in on beat 2. Don't make the mistake of starting on beat 2, just slice out beat 1 of the drop.
That will make it more unexpected, but personally I don't think surprise is the right mood for this track, it's too happy.

Oh yeah, and if your going for a liquid feel, the drums need to be lighter, and if you're going for the heavier jump-up feel, you need some BASS!
1:20-1:50 make it for me; the lead you add in there in that section sounds very neat. I think it could use some variation from the 4/4 (there's a little variation here and there, but not enough me thinks), but that's just me. I don't actually listen to much drumstep whereas smooth sounds like he does, so probably go with that. Sounds like good advice all around.