I need HELP with my 1210s,, HELP ME


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i have 1210s bout 10 years old the bulbs have gone on both - the pop up lights

also when playing a record it sounds ok but every now and then it slows down or speeds up - just for a few seconds

this is happenin on both decks 1 is worse than the other

what would the problem ?

and would i be able to replace the items that needed fixed
any 1 where the stock replacment stuff for 1210s

also any one know where i can buy a GET THEM SERVICED CHEAP

im in essex/herts/london area

Mc Shifty

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Think it'd be better to get new decks bruv. You could get em repaired but if you splash out on a nice pair of 1210's second hand or brand new, you'll feel the difference so much more. My mates 1210's started doing that after a while and in the end you couldn't even mix on them without it going out of sync.

Time Dependant

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I would personally take Triple M's advice & get thems erviced. You'll notice the difference so much more when you've had them done + they'll easily last another ten years.


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the regulator on the main board has gone, not worth fixing better off gettin new decks. happened to me by the time you add up the parts and labour it was only a few quid off getting a NEW deck.