I need help to find a tune.


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Ok guys im gonna say big thanks to anyone who even reads this as you could be the answer to my problem. So i was browsing some oldskool drum an bass via youtube the other day an all of a sudden a song pops in my head, heres where the problem lies.
I have absolutley no idea what the song is called, who the artist or label was, i think i had it on a mixtape back in the day, i dont even remember the sample that was used in the song, BUT,....yes theres a but here,..i do have a big clue to help figure this out.
The start of the song,.the intro if you like, was the sounds of an amazonian rain forest, mabe some voices, sounded very fantasy like almost like a dream sequence, but it was definatley some kind of rain forest then it slips into oldskool drum an bass. This is driving me nuts cos i can remember its being an amazing track that i loved dearly, but with no idea of artist/label etc its very frustrating, and trying to google "drum an bass with a rain forest at the start",..just makes me feel like a tard so any help you guys can offer, suggestions mabe would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading guys ty