I need a parker pen , so I can start again...

give me a parker pen, i need to start again,
step in the light to bring you guys into the darker end,
you try to play the hero so im here to martyr them
to prove i keep it real in every line not even half pretend,
if you've beeen starting trouble, you need to start amends,
cos in the music game im rolling with the harder men,
spanish and romans im even coming with spartan friends,
doning it like bin ladens den, scoping it through a sharper lense
cos i am taller than all ya man you are smaller fam,
im like the weed im illegal outside the board of Dam,
coke acid my mind works rapid im trapping guys like a madman and when i get a grip i torch a man,
still down for fun times, chilling in the sunshine,
bud grimes, north times, sub high.
but i aint a silly billy lyrically, you will never touch high,
one press will stop you in your tracks like a bus ride!
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