Dubstep I love WOBBLY basslines on DnB! How to create?

Hey buddy,

Are you familiar with producing at all? If so you know how to make a Dubstep wobble? Its the exact same concept ! :)

Get your main VST Synth (these could be ones that come with FL, Cubase and Logic or another VST that you would load into your DAW).

Assuming you are familiar with your synth all you would need to do to create a wobble is use a square wave on Oscilator 1. This can be changed but will do for now. Use a lowpass filter on it and play with the filter cutoff until you get a sound you like. Next use an LFO (Low Frequency Oscilator) to modulate the filter cutoff. Use the rate setting on the LFO to change the speed of the wobble. This is a very basic wobble and you can play around with all sorts of different things to create a range of different wobble sounds. Hope that helped!

Add something like ohmnicide for some distortion aswell. Adds in that sort of growly sound at the end. Another tip for making a good sounding wobble is to add on a tiny amount of reverb so the wobs merge together because sometimes you get a gap between each wob where there is a small silence. Hope this helped man :)

Very good points indeed :) One more thing to add, if you are using Massive try out the Dimension Expander. It is kind of like a Reverb effect but it really helps to just thicken out the sound and make feel more full !
Very simple use lp filter,square/saw waveform and automate with lfo.Rest is just adding fx and shaping your sound!
when im making basslines i like to export it to audio a few times to really get a more in depth sound, at each stage i give it a new sound by adding distortion and eqing along with many other things, also sidechain them to another channel that just has the low bass to help push the bass through a bit more
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