I know this questions been asked alot before...


Nov 2, 2008
West Country!
Ive got £150 and wont be having anymore money for a while...

what are the best active moniters for mixing??

I have looked on other threads and review around the net but still ive come to no conclusion!

I am looking into the Alesis M1 520s...

any other suggestions or comments will be apprecatied :)


I can't stress enough too many people are trying to buy good gear for under 100. This is impossible. Do it right, or don't do it at all.

I have been in the game for 8 years, and i bough plenty of shit gear. Only to be replaced by good gear. And i can tell you about shit gear is it will not last, and frankly no one will pay you anything for a used gemini mixer, or a used pair of home theatre speakers & a shitty amp.

If you are really desperate to waste money, go gamble. Maybe you will be lucky enough to win enough money to buy good gear.
I have the Alessis - theyre good. People I know who have KRKs rate them when they mix at mine.

I mix loud too and they seem to be able to take anything.
ive got the alesis your onabout and their all sound,crisp quality but the only thing is i could of done with a sub to give it some backbone
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