i know this is super old... but alix perez dnb arena podcast ID...

this mix is way old, but i could never figure out the first track in the podcast. i scoped the forums for a tracklist. came up with this from knowledge and other listings. there's also a song in this same mix that comes in around 41:20 and has lyrics that go something like this "you're just the kind of girl i always wanted when i was a little boy thinking about being yours... now that i'm a man you came along and i cannot let you go because i'm..."


1. ?
2. Alix Perez - Inner Blues
3. ?
4. Logistics - City Life
5. Alix Perez & Fats - Down the Line
6. Mos Def - Panties Bootleg
7. D-Bridge - True Romance VIP
8. SpectraSoul - Cherry Smoke
9. Alix Perez - Masquerade
10. Calibre - Like it is
11. ?
12. ?
13. Alix Perez - New York State of Mind
14. ?
15. Icicle & Switch - Golden Days
16. Alix Perez - Backlash

thanks in advance. :D