I know im probably a bit late n dat but....


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friday was wicked excellent ball round!

i was toasted all night too but can remeber it all!

the M's (sdm and tripple m) did a good job warming the crowd up with some mad cut uo breaks and amen riddims. it was fucking excllent, and the darkside vibe was set!

Friction tore it up even tho he played the worse set of the night, although this is a sillly thing tomsay as al;l sets tore it up!

Goldie, what can i say except absolutley on fukin point! normally i dont stay at the front of the crowd for a whole set but the gold one wouldnt let me leave man! each tune was perfectly mixed and selected and big up to him for playing champion sound|!!!! I aint heard that for ages!
his set took in a large spectrum of dnb switching from super dark stabby tunes to rolling funk!

fukin wikkid! this is why the man is the don\! everyone pay attention cos that was a SET!

big up to all th front of the crowd massive like mr wily G and Jay walker! gettin sweaty inside!!!!

then the man like Baron, ha ha! u know he aint never gonnna dissapoint ! absolutley fukin wikkid! anyone know waht the first tunehe played was??? it had some kinda gabba stabby noise in it! i think goldie p;layed it too! super darkside!!

that was breaknecks finest moment in my opinion, except when i played of course. just wanna say BIGGGGGG up to all involved!

absolutely on form! i have to say again, Goldie killlled it! he has shot up in my opinion of him as a DJ!

cant wait for andy c but im thinking it aint gonna live up to Friday tho! but i gues u cant compare tho.