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This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
listening to this at the moment, and im most impressed, if you like the bristol sound you will definetly be into this.

top tracks for me are "sounds of culture", "movin fast", "hold it down", "circus", "never can tell", and "what is kamanchi".

respect to krust, die, tali, darrison, rodney p + all full cycle crew :spliff:

"all that you feel will be kamanchi, you are now being influenced by kamanchi"


Almost 30
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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Not really feelin this album. Mostly samey sounding dancefloor material suitable for singles (which they are putting them out as, which I think is admirable so that the massive doesn't have to shell out 5-pack prices).


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May 6, 2003
I've really been getting into the Bristol sound recently, I really like most of the stuff on the LP

Triple M

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Jan 1, 1970
Portsmouth, UK
Im defo feeling this album, well into the Kamanchi sound at the mo!

Liking most of the tracks!

track listing for all those not in the know:

01. intro (feat leanne)
02. back to da boogie (feat violet)
03. sounds of culture (feat rodney p darrison retna and tali)
04. code of honour
05. skit 01
06. hold it down (feat tali)
07. movin fast
08. circus
09. ultimate
10. up your life (feat violet)
11. skit 02
12. wild for the night (feat hollie grant and oisin)
13. training program
14. never can tell - it's a trap
15. soul beat calling (feat tali)
16. what is kamanchi

(as taken from the cd version)

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