i hope you guys could solve this one for me..

Discussion in 'Tune ID's' started by jtms9, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. jtms9

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    i remember i heard this for the first time around 2001 or 2002. i remember rambling around in the napsterdirectory and as a kid i was at that time i downloaded a song which was named Marshall Mathers (probably some dude named it that so eminemlisterners would listen to it i dunno). but it was so sick that i've listened on it for around 3yrs straight.
    So now, around 7yrs later, i need you guys to name the song for me.
    its not hiphop, its dnb.

    description of the song:
    The song was probably around 8min long.
    it started and ended with voicesamples from the movie "HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN"
    - mentioning " you guuuuys" "youuuu guuys" .(something more i dont remember) "i like that.." "i really do, i like that"

    the voicesamples are from one of the last scenes in the movie. where the heroes are in the badassboss' office.
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    You have audio mate. Might be easier to recognise.
  3. jtms9

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    sorry mate. thats what i dont have. :/ after around 6-7years
    all my stuff is gone.
    if you've seen the movie, it could be easier. but you wouldnt run 3miles if i told you too either.. hehe. so no stress.

    lets hope someone else got the name on the tip of their tongue.