i hope you guys could solve this one for me..



i remember i heard this for the first time around 2001 or 2002. i remember rambling around in the napsterdirectory and as a kid i was at that time i downloaded a song which was named Marshall Mathers (probably some dude named it that so eminemlisterners would listen to it i dunno). but it was so sick that i've listened on it for around 3yrs straight.
So now, around 7yrs later, i need you guys to name the song for me.
its not hiphop, its dnb.

description of the song:
The song was probably around 8min long.
it started and ended with voicesamples from the movie "HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN"
- mentioning " you guuuuys" "youuuu guuys" .(something more i dont remember) "i like that.." "i really do, i like that"

the voicesamples are from one of the last scenes in the movie. where the heroes are in the badassboss' office.


You have audio mate. Might be easier to recognise.
sorry mate. thats what i dont have. :/ after around 6-7years
all my stuff is gone.
if you've seen the movie, it could be easier. but you wouldnt run 3miles if i told you too either.. hehe. so no stress.

lets hope someone else got the name on the tip of their tongue.