i-dub ~ The Lost Carnival ~ Jan 08

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    Here's another deep, dark and dirty one. I really enjoyed putting together my filthy "Alien Latency" mix back in November and once I got Carnivale (FINALLY!) I knew another effort on a similar tip was nigh. This is chock full of fucked up bass and intricate beats, it's pretty much a showcase of all the artists in this area who pump my nads :D

    Without wanting to sound too wanky, I really tried to <cringe> tell a story with this one. Keep the title in mind as you listen to it and you'll get the idea I was aiming for. Kinda like a dnb soundtrack to a Rob Zombie movie ;) (This picture might help conjure up the right emotions, too...heh.)

    It's all pretty tight other than one minor slip-up between Ceramic and Momentum...really thought I had the fucker locked but it started slipping, hate that shit! Anyhoo, it's not a trainwreck, just sounds a bit messy because the beats aren't sitting *perfectly*.

    Right, enough waffle...enjoy! :2thumbs:

    i-dub ~ The Lost Carnival ~ Jan 08

    Length: 1:07:09
    Filesize: 140MB
    Bitrate: 320kbps