i-dub ~ Blue Situation ~ Feb 08

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    Here's another 10 track mini thingie without much planning. Picked the 10 tunes in a session the other night and then just swapped a few around before recording on friday. I like doing fairly impromptu mixes like this in between the major planned efforts, keeps the creative juices flowing :)

    I accidentally booted the minidisc right near the end and it makes a *fzzt* sound but other than that it's all pretty cool. It's another pretty chunky sounding effort and a couple of my fave tunes on that tip are in there; Break's Positive/Negative and Photek's remix of LE's Different Drum. And then there's the incredible Quarantine team job of Galleon. Dirt :2thumbs:

    i-dub ~ Blue Situation ~ Feb 08

    Let me know if you dig it...or don't! :p
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