i dont know where my phone is but nun the less we are having fun!!!

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Did you guys finally make out? Did you had a great time together, romantic dinner, candle lit, glass of wine, flowers?


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You're sitting sideways after it? Oh god...
Oh boy this turn in rape jokes fast.
I used to work at a warehouse, and wrapping a pallet with saran wrap is common place. You see, it keeps the product from falling over when it is in transit on a truck. One of my jobs was insuring that every pallet had enough of this stuff on, and for the most part there were no problems. Except this one truck driver, his pallets always spilled. One day a pallet fell over causing 5,000 dollars worth of damages, he claimed it was my fault because I "did not rape the pallet good." Yes he put it in writing and the company quoted him in my 'write up' (a formal punishment.) However, you do get to speak your peace in a write up, and I said "if pallet was dressed more slutty I would of raped it better. " This cause another write up.