i dnt think i ever did introduce myself...

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    Jul 22, 2004
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    ez ppl,

    ive been "locked" here bout a month or so now & i dnt think i ever did introduce myself so here we go...

    on Aftershock Radio fri 8-10 playin "educated" drum & bass...i hope! thru the styles with focus on jump up/dark...i love tech beatz.

    DJin bout 4 yrs now used to do UKG mainly but DnB/Hip hop was always there... now i see DnB is for me!

    did a music tech btec course to learn the fundimentals of production and im working but its early stages as of yet...
    gonna use fruity instead of cubas wch is wat i learned on.

    Big shout to ms rep for helpin me out along the way..

    big tingz 2 come!

    so.... HI :gslayer: (y)