I did not expect Hospital's 200th release to be a book


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Mar 27, 2007
NHS200: A visual compendium of Hospital Records Book- *Written, compiled and edited by Ricky Trickartt and Chris Goss *Designed by Ricky Trickartt *160 pages of full colour images on heavyweight paper *20 x 23 cm paperback (BOOK)

A landmark release, the 200th addition to the Hospital Records catalogue is perhaps, rather surprisingly, not a record but a book. Written, compiled and edited by Graphic Artist Ricky Trickartt and Art Director Chris Goss, NHS200 is a must-have collector’s item and coffee table book for fans new and old. *Celebrating fifteen years of Hospital Records, NHS200 is a visual compendium which provides a full 360 degree look at the label’s history from its humble beginnings on the fringes of the 90s D+B scene, to it’s current place as one of UK dance music’s biggest success stories complete with worldwide events, online shop publishing company and sister labels. *Across the 160 full colour pages, we are given an exclusive insight into the workings of the label, behind the scenes snapshots of the people behind the music, early releases, the artists, the events, and fundamentally, the artwork and visual identity of the label from 1996 through to 2011. No stone is left unturned in this expansive dissemination. Whether you’ve been there from the beginning or are a recent recruit, NHS200 provides a fascinating insight one of dance music’s most successful independent labels.

cant wait to hear it

why would you buy a book about a dnb label?

it's a bit like buying a cd of penguins best ever publishings..
Well people would love it if it wasn´t hospital I guess. If it was RAM...:piss:
Or some obscure Ragga Jungle "Legend" people would go nuts.

yeah, but I wouldn't read a book about dildos or something else I don't give a fuck about either. I would read a book about a record label I liked (y)
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