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Jul 3, 2020
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm new here. My name is Mark Wheawill. Some people call me Marcus. I am an Artist/Record Producer/DJ and used to produce Progressive House/Trance in the early noughties, but after a break of over a decade, I have recently returned to my roots and started producing Drum & Bass music and have just recently released my 2nd studio album called "Future Gospel" which is available to stream exclusively at www.upliftedmusic.co.uk

I had over thirty releases on vinyl on a number of record label's in the early noughties and featured on several CD compilations around the globe and also received Tune Of The Month in IDJ Magazine in 2003 and several recommended Tunes of the Month when I was producing Prog House/Trance. Please let me know what you think of my latest album! Thanks.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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