Hello all.Im here to learn more and more about Drum n Bass production.Born in New York City I've been creating DnB for over ten years.
Only now am I confident enough to reveal my existence in this community.A self taught Junglist I feel its important to give back to the
world that I love so much.I feel I owe the music and culture something in return.After such a long time of trying to do this alone I know
the only way to truly break out and be taken seriously I've got to learn more on the technical side of producing.Furthermore,I feel we are
family.So thank you for all future education and understanding of this PSYCHOBASSBLASTGROOVE I got running through my veins!!

(As I step over mountains crushing wave-forms beneath my heels travelling forward into the unknown regions of bass culture.
I look to the valley to see A glowing BASS CLEF[7:]And I realize many have traveled this road before.With a pounding in my ears
and a fierce beating in my chest i now know I will walk among you soon...)

Forever yours,BLAST:RADIUS.