I accidentally dnb-ed this song

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What's up, friends?

I decided to take part on another remix contest on Beatport, this time the song of choice was "Live this Lie feat. Carmen Keigans", by tyDi, which is originally a uplifting trance. I just loved the vocals provided by Carmen, and turned that song into a energetic drum and bass!

It was quite a challenge for me, as the style isn't what I always produce (I'm more into dark themed songs). Also, I couldn't reach the common place of 174bpm normally used today, as it would simply destroy the vocals, you know? So I left it at 160bpm.

Anyways, here's the link to the song on beatport: http://play.beatport.com/contests/tydi-live-this-lie-feat-carmen-keigans/52b63b3d753a0d72a972ed57

I hope you like it, and, maybe when the contest open for votes, you'll leave one there for me!

Thank you all for the support!