HYQXYZ - Summer & A New Beginning & Eraser [3 TRACKS DNB]

Mr Fletch

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A new beinning - like the old skool break right from the off, gives it a nice feel, and compliments the hi frequency synth and string work, liking this a lot so far....nice build of energy towards the drop, not sure about the bitcrush automation? and I reckon a small pause of silence before it drops would give it so much more impact! Sounds are pretty heavy in this one, I'd also lose the high pitched lead after the drop too, let the bass come out more.... Overall, great track.

Summer - Again, some real solid synth work, right from the get go....Snare needs alot of work IMO, needs some lower freq thuds in there, and less mid range white noise. Not too keen on the bass sound if I'm honest, nice composition, but the sound lets this one down for me. Overall, good composing on this, it's a good track, but not as good as the one above.

Eraser - I like the dark minimal beat in the start of this one, ooh.....thats really....really nice! Lovely bass sounds in this one, and those sweeping eeirie pads add to the dark atmosphere of this. This is my favourite of the three now!


My name is Jago (HYQXYZ)
Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to all three! And I really appreciate your feedback!

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Also , I really love your track 'Edge of darkness', saw it a week or 2 ago but I forgot to comment. Sooo a bit late, but great work on that one! :D