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Yeah i like the bass line on this althoguh i think the bass sounds distorted at my end could just be me, whats this exciter stuff then? is that hardware or summat?


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I think the synth is away too much man, maybe it would bee coler with some effects on it
think it would do with some reverb


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my oppinion is that u need to define one lead ... cause ur leads are overlooping eachother ... than ur track will sound more clearer and professional. NIce first intro to the drop
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ps: i got some new stuff there ... check it out and comment please ;)

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ty dude , its got a bit of drive on it but i dno i like the sound, exciter is a vst plugin just boosts loudest high or low frequemcies makes it sound better.

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cheers il try adding some effects maybe pan them a bit

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ty for the feedback nd yea i see what you mean il try compressing the higher parts and will do :)


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Exciters are useful if you need to add sparkle to your top freqs, but I wouldn't
add it just for the sake of it.

It helps when your target audience will be using small speakers, but don't get
'too excited' if your music is destined for club speakers etc, people's ears will bleed!

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Thanks yea i could hear how it could destroy my ears when i tried turning iup the high end. i mix with pretty small speakers lol.. nd headphones just to make sure it sounds decent on both. Ill keep this in mind though.

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you dont listen to netsky by any chance do you ?
probably my favourite lol does it show? :)

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Ive balanced out the synth a little as that seemed to be the main problem in the mix also ive added effects and make the drums a little more pleasant. what do ya think peeps?