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Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce a new contest for the production and management of a new compilation. This release is a collaboration between Hypergate Records and Fora d´Horas Bar/Portugal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this wonderful venue.

Our aim is to gather a collection of tracks that reflects the spirit and mood which caracterize the type of events and promotions that for years the venue owner and mentor, Luís Moreira, tryed to input and produce (view bio and infos).

For 20 years now that music has been the tweaker and freaker of such great success and continuity so nothing better than to give back something special to the music, to the listeners and to its costumers, celebrating the 20th anniversary with this release.

We expect to please the after hours easy listening spiritual and psy groovers. This will be a cd that you can listen to it at home, in a party or bar lounge. Just as if you were at Fora d´Horas Bar...

We welcome you to visit our Contest homepage to access all infos ;- )


!!! Your feedback is highly expected !!!

Thanks and have fun ;- )