Hype on Kiss request


Mar 17, 2010
I was wondering if any clever heads out there have archived the hype on kiss sessions? i'm looking for "Dj Hype - Live @ Kiss 100 - 2010/07/08"
there is an AMAZING mix on here, it's netsky - let's leave tomorrow into crystal clear - pure thoughts i think ... i used to have this but it was on my old laptop which has moved on to a better place ... i need it again as the mix is too good!! tried searching on dnbforum but both links are now down as it's pretty old .. can anyone help?? much appreciated and ting!

UPDATE - turns out after a bit of searching i've managed to find a working link! if anyone's interested and hasn't heard this yet, it's well worth it, a mix too good i used to literally listen to it on repeat back in the summer when it was played ... here it is http://hotfile.com/dl/53413121/a674c2f/Dj_Hype_-_Kiss_100_-_2010.07.08-HF_3106.rar.html
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