Hype @ Kiss 100, 01-10-2008


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Jun 13, 2006
Czech Republic, Ostrava


Hour 1
Chase & Status - Is It Worth It - Dub
Taxman & Heist - Frequency Scale - Dub
Tricky & Kylie - Slow (Utah Jazz Remix) - Dub
Lifford - Had It All (Dillinja Remix) - Dub
Iccarus & Travilian - Drum Rukus - Dub
Potential Badboy Ft Junior Dangerous - Junglist Coming - Dub
Ph - Get Down To Business - Dub
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Streethawk Vip - Dub
Basher - Biometrics - Dub
Dirty Phonics - Quak - Dub
Dj Die - Little Punx - Dub
Jamal - Splatter Patterns - Dub

Hour 2
Loxy - Green Destiny - Dub
Potential Badboy - Nasty Western - Dub
Serial Killaz Ft Cornell Campbell - Mash You Down - Dub
Goldstar Vs Mr Vegas - Raise Me Fire - Dub
Serial Killaz Ft Cornell Campbell - Live From Studio One - Dub
Mir Crew - Decorate The Dance - Dub
Potential Badboy - Sound Of Sound - Dub
Twisted Individual - Jelly On A Plate - Dub
Subwave - Dreamcatcher Vip - Dub
Rockwell - Stowaway - Dub
Enei - Foood For Us - Dub
Ai - Crocodile Smile - Dub
Culture Shock - Stereokronix - Dub
Gappa G N Hypa Hypa - Information Centre - Dub
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Mar 14, 2008
that lifford tune's well old aint it? But as far as I know never had a proper release. I like the original Grooverider version. Sure I got the dillinja mix as mp3 years ago!


Sep 24, 2006
thanks bro!! WTF? now in france we can t listen kiss radio and now i couldnt upload my favorit show!!

wow seems a bit harsh! that new music kube thing there useing says its a beta so perhaps it will get fixed or something, email them and tell them its not working over there
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