Hype @ Club Splash (27/6/2002)

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    Dj Hype @ Club Splash, Stroud (27/6/2002)

    Strouds a hole. Proper nasty little place. But those bastard Ransom
    boys continue to put on good quality dnb nights there, so unfortunately
    a trip over there has to be made every so often.
    After their recent move to Club Splash, Ransom celebrate by hosting
    their second Tru Playaz night of the year (the first being Zinc and
    Pascal back in February). My first time to this ex-wine bar, and upon entering we were met by the sounds of Incision's Dj Terminal.
    Crowd pleasers such as 'Mistical Dub' and 'LK' sat nicely alongside
    future anthems like 'The Lick' and the brilliant 'Morning Light', and
    all too soon it was time for Ransom mainman, Dj Access alongside Dave
    T, to show their talents.Plenty of fresh new pieces were aired and we were even treated to a
    return to the classics, before 'Ska' earned the first rewind of the
    night. Stepping up the pace, was 'Britain's no.1' Dj SE! Unfortunately
    for us, he only got the chance to play four tunes before the Hypster
    turned up, but he sure kept the dancefloor on thier toes!
    As Mc Drop grabbed the mic, everyone knew who the figure was preparing behind the decks. Opening with the now-familiar intro of 'Dont Wanna Know' and 'Twist em Out' (the 3rd Dj Ive heard opening with this
    mix!!!), Hype continued to assault everone in the club. Everything
    you'd expect from a Hype set was there: rolling mixes, the bouncing
    silhouette behind the decks and a lot less scratching than usual, all
    topped off with stompers like 'Has It Come To This' and 'The Hornet'
    ensured that sweat was running off the walls. Unfortunately, work the
    next day meant we left with Hype, but all in all a nice mid-week night
    out was had by all.