Hydrophonics- Skeletor Part 2- (MIX)

Ez crew,

I have a second installment of the mix entitled "Skeletor" for the Junglists/ junglettes wanting darker, nastier sounding Drum and Bass!

It's just short of an hour and features some of the finest darkside tracks, old and new from the likes of Technical Itch, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Unknown Error, Break & Silent Witness. There are also a couple of devastating promos from Proktah and Phace.

There may be a part 3 on the way, if you can handle it. Like Skeletor this mix is dark and scary and may give you nightmares. You've been warned! :gun:


01) Noisia- Believe
02) Spirit- Re-Dial
03) Misanthrop- Waste Express
04) Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind- Red Velvet
05) Proktah- Disruptor
06) Twisted Anger- Acoustic Cage
07) Break- Words Of Wisdom
08) Technical Itch- The Calling
09) Noisia- The Messiah remix
10) Black Sun Empire- Everything
11) Calyx, Teebee & Verse- Dual Processed
12) Unknown Error- Sucker Punch
13) De Ja Vu- Rollige
14) Break & Silent Witness- The Question
15) Blame- Pyschotropic
16) Black Sun Empire- Future Frame
17) Calyx & Kontrol- Drums Take Control
18) Keaton- Skool Of Hard Knocks
19) Concorde Dawn vs D-Kay & Rawful- I'll Be There For You In The Morning Light
20) Gridlok- Tricks
21) Phace- Hot Rock VIP

Any feedback is always much appreciated, good or bad.

Big ups!