DnB Hybert Phillips - Riot EP - Sinuous Records Available Now


Apr 8, 2004
Hybert Phillips- Riot EP Sinuous Records 1. Moment 2. Serafin 3. Riot 4. Witch

Next up is a new artist to Sinuous Records, Hybert Phillips who is no stranger to production. A definite artist to keep your eyes
on and one of the finest exports within the Ukraine drum and bass scene with his outstanding debut 'Riot EP' These tracks have everything.

'Moment' Serving up hypnotic atmospheres that delivers a driving tune full of futuristic sounds, alongside heavy hitting with roaring
mid-bassline modulaions layered over a healthy bed of crunchy breaks. This is deep yet rugged.

'Serafin' Mystical atmospheric elements build into sharp high energy drum patterns with growling basslines and ominous FX hits.
This one has all sorts of hidden depths and tons of detail.

'Riot' Featuring Shimmering sci-fi synth designs, high energy drum pattern and more than enough bass, that delivers a sublime tech groove
powered by sharpened percussion and warping bass. This one is dark and full of subtle touches.

'Witch' Kicking off with an eerie string that leads into Punchy drum programming with echoing vocals. An array of skittering percussion
growling bass that tremors. This adds to the sense of high energy hypnosis which keep this one rolling along at maximum energy.

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