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Nov 22, 2008
Hi guys

First up we have the 3rd Volume of our Various Artist EP series HUSDEP06 The Connected Vol 3. For this Volume of the series we have tracks from Bazil, Cursa, Fostec and Rebel Cause.

Release date is set for March 26th in all good download stores!!



a) Rebel Cause - What Lies Within
b) Fostec - Bon Voyage
c) Bazil - Infrastructure
d) Cursa - Perspective

Soundcloud Link -

Following on from this we have a very special release. Cursa released there debut EP on Hustle in Septemeber last year and as it went down so well we thought it would be a good idea to get each track from the EP remixed and released as a Remix EP. We thought it would be a good idea to ask other artists from the Label to have there take on the tracks so HUSDEP06RMX Cursa - Starting Point EP [The Remixes] was born, featuring remixes from the likes of Ed:it, Bazil, Pessimist & Trisector & InZtance!!

Release Date is April 9th in all good download stores.



a) Connections [Ed:it Remix]
b) Deep Response [Pessimist Remix]
c) Twilight [Bazil Remix]
d) Spectacle [Trisector & InZtance Remix]

Soundcloud Link -

After these 2 releases we have a packed schedule in the run up to summer with EP's from Marukomu & Mono, brand new Finnish producer Defo and an EP from Finnish duo Trisector & Infader which features a remix from the mighty Amoss!!
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all releases sounding large especially perspective. those defo bits are quality as well. im excited!
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