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    Ez All

    Hope everyone is having a good year so far !!!

    We have been busy here at Hustle behind the scenes preparing our releases for this year and i am happy to announce our first 2010 releases are out now!!!


    Our Debut 12" from Prime Source - Classic / Face Plant is available on Promo from your online / local record store, so make sure you grab yourself a copy of this bad boy which has had alot of support from the likes of Bailey, Fanu, Trisector, Transit Mafia and many more !!!




    dRamatic & dbAudio - Cored // Pessimist - Monday Nights


    Nottingham boys dRamatic & dbAudio bring the sweetness with this deep and dark roller that holds a bassline low enough to knock the Earth from its axis. Terrorising dancefloors across the world, this tune sounds not only wicked in the mix but is an essential addition to any DnB lovers collection. Just make sure you have a sub woofer the size of Russia to cater for the rib crunching frequencies!!

    Bristol boy Pessimist, a relative new comer to the scene but not at all short of the prowess it takes to be a winner, brings the experimental tip with this down low, steppy growler. The arrangement and sound manipulation here is second to none, a real stand out tune. With the sci phi bassline playing the hook and cool FX riding over the top, this is definitely something unique that will no doubt make heads turn in the club!!

    THE ESCAPE SEQUENCE EP featuring.......



    Hailing from Bristol a newcomer to the scene. With a digital single with production partner Ki on Hustle last year "The 98 Thing" and of course the Escape Sequence EP, we have very high hopes for this budding producer. Having gained heavy support from no other than S.P.Y, Subterra, total science, nerm & d-code, invaderz, presha & loxy it wont be long until this guy breaks into the scene with a bang.

    Check out his recent Production Mix.

    Expect - No Time to Lose - [Dub]
    Expect - Baud - Escape Sequence EP [Hustle Audio]
    Ki & Expect - The 98 Thing - The 98 Thing/Heal Us All [Hustle Audio '09]
    Expect - Talk Is Cheap - [Dub]
    Expect - Business As Usual - Escape Sequence EP [Hustle Audio]
    Expect - Back on Track - [Dub]
    Ki & Expect - Watch It - [Dub]
    Expect - Anonymous Dubs - [Dub]
    Expect - Unbreakable - [Dub]
    Expect - Common Sense - [Dub]
    Expect - Brief Encounter - Escape Sequence EP [Hustle Audio]
    Expect - Absorbed - [Dub]
    Expect - Before & After - [Dub]
    Ki & Expect - Calibration Dub - [Dub]
    Expect - Portal - [Dub]
    Expect - Phreaktion - Escape Sequence EP [Hustle Audio]
    Expect - Captive - [Dub]
    Expect - Dead on Arrival - [Dub]
    Expect - Believe You - [Dub]
    Lynx & Kemo - Global Enemies (Expect's Swingin' Thru the Jungle Remix) - [Dub]

    You can download ALL tracks now from the following links:-

    other stores include itunes, beats digital, juno download, chemical records and many more !!!


    For audio of all our forthcoming tracks please visit our soundcloud or myspace pages.

    Thanks for your continued support !!

    Phil & James @ Hustle
    AIM- hustledubs