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With a variety of styles and an open minded approach, expect fresh and intelligent ideas backed with old and trusted techniques. Hustle Audio is here not to break limits but to push the barrier afar the ever increasingly widening scope of Drum and Bass music.

Massive support from world wide DJ's and artists plus a growing respect among fans and avid listeners alike are what is making Hustle Audio one of the most exciting new labels in the scene. We aint here to stand on a pedastal, we are here to express what we think is true, unsaturated, classy Drum and Bass. Simple.

Having numerous representing DJ's across the midlands area and beyond, you can catch the Hustle sound and various events weekly plus the net radio show Sunday's 2-4pm on After Dark Radio (Jungleman & Hoax) and the eagerly awaited Hustle Audio podcast hosted by Distilled Beats. Keep your ears peeled folks! Along side all this, we have a CD album currently in the making plus Vinyl releases galore and, under construction as we speak, will be born very very soon!

We are always looking for new talent and if you have tracks you would like to submit please do so at the following contact points.

AIM – hustledubs
AIM 2 – hustlehq (Business)
Email –
Soundcloud Dropbox -

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HUSD01 - Bionic1 - Hyperdrive / No Return

HUSD02 - Grafix - This World / Body Talk

HUSD03 - KI & Expect - 98 Thing / K Dan - Heal Us All

HUSD04 - Devize & Shookz - Electric Brain / Druid - Headbumps

HUSD05 - Mr Distance - Warm Blooded / Joe Syntax - Her Skin

HUSDEP01 - Nusense - The Clarity EP - Subtle Sounds / Clarity / Black Lung / In The Dog House

HUSDEP02 Undersound - Nocturne EP
Lost Voice (Undersound Remix) / 4 Leaf Jester / Spirits Within / A Little Night Music feat Jane Thomas



HUS001 Prime Source - Classic // Face Plant (Release Early 2010)

HUS002 The Funktion - Shadow // Barometer (Release Early 2010)


HUSD06 dRamatic & dbAudio - Cored // Pessimist - Monday Nights (Release January)

Expect - EP
Baud // Business as Usual // Brief Encounter // Phreaktion (Release TBC)


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