HUNDREDS of tunes for sale

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Hi peeps, myself and one of my fellow ravers over on backtotheoldskool are selling hundreds of tunes, many of which are '88-'90 chicago but most of it is d n' b from '94 - '03.
    Loads of stuff on labels such as Formation / Full Cycle / Tech Itch / B2B / Greensleeves / Hospital / Juice etc etc.
    As there are too many to price up, we have created a discogs account to list them all HERE
    This list is being constantly updated so keep checking back, also there are a pile of whites and a load of tunes that are not on discogs so send over your wants!!
    Anyone here that posts on backtotheoldskool forms can vouch for me as a trusted seller i'm sure, also trade on ebay as "thedossa"
    Any questions just give us a shout.
    Peace, D.