HUGE! Imprintz & Kloe Vs Soulstorm - "Rupture" EP!


Nov 8, 2008

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"The Ammunition crew lay down heavy fire courtesy of Imprintz & Kloe Vs Soulstorm! Switching from the most insane neuro to drumstep and everything in between, this is futuristic as hell and we love it. MAJOR PRODUCTION!" - TID

Ammunition regulars Imprintz, Kloe, & Soulstorm come back with a vengeance, exporting some HUGE signature sounds from France! Tried and proven across the globe, with support from some of Drum & Bass' most respected DJ's and Producers, these tunes go over on a large scale every single time!

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As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)



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Aug 29, 2011
Yes this is pretty epic, bought it a while ago. Just felt like sharing my appreciation.
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