Huge D&B Fan - 15 years and running

Mr Neurotrophin

PreBuffer my overflow!!
Hi everyone, not been into drum and bass for a while, after the 90's and the first 2 years of 2000 i just got bored of the tunes folks were got really vocally for me...and sorry but if i want to listen to vocals i will get some rap to listen to!!! and i don't even like rap

So i have started to listen lately and some really amazing stuff being brought out from folks i have never heard of - Black Sun Empire - TeeBee - Noisia - Future Prophecies and Concord dawn to name a few!!!

I am now a happy chappy again and it has sparked in me such fantastic memories from 93 when i first heard - Carl Cox, Easygroove and Grooverider for the first time...ahhhh...what blissful times....BUT...they are back to start me off again..

I have some really good Drum and Bass albums like - T-Power - Omni Trio - A1-Soundcarrier mixed by Dj Tonic, just to name a few, so i hope to be sharing with the community shortly...respect to the creators of drum and bass forum...well done folks, cool stuff goin on here...