How's this sounding? What do I need to improve on?

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you'd be better off using a streamable service. And the new talent and tracks section. Even if you are just asking for advice.

but anyway. The crash in the beginning is so loud it hurt my ears. The intro is a bit bland after that, you could add something to make it more interesting. A background FX other than the pad, a vocal snip, a long rising sweep, anything basically. from 1:00 to 2:00 sounds really empty to me, like you'd forgotten a channel muted. This is true to the whole track tbh. You need some more clever edits, not just drum fills, but tweak the synths here and there, have a backward cymbal over there, flange the drums over here, use a different break for a fill in that part etc.... Makes for a much more interesting track to listen to.

Some kind of hook would be good too. The synth you got is good but this track still needs something beyond that to make it one to remember. Not necessarily a new element, maybe a sweet melody or a clever percussion track. I dont know.

Don't get me wrong its alright as it is but just not very memorable. The sub is good tho.


gomby plz
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can't be arsed to download it... but i reckon Kama would be bang on the money with his answers, given his tunes are sick!

put it on a streaming service - soundcloud is free, definately worth 5 mins making a profile!


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Yeah, Kama covered most of what i have to say.

You've only got one sound/timbre for the bassline, I'd suggest that you try using at least 2 different bass sounds to add a bit of variety. Also after it drops the track feels like the same 8 bar loop again and again, try making more varied drum edits/general variations (tbh my tune often fall into that trap but since I've started mixing on my mates decks I've noticed that with my favorite tunes you don't need to count every 16 bar phrase, you can tell by the producer putting audio clues in, just a thought there).

Also I feel the drums aren't quiet as fat as I'd like them to be (personal preference here, I know I like my drums over compressed) so I'd recommend at least trying multiple stages of light compression on your drums ( as well as distortion) + enveloping to get that meaty drum sound.

But, as a tune I think that's got potential, just needs to be more varied and possibly a bit phatter.