Howitzer - Tinder Box

It's a bit different mate! :)

I don't mean that as criticism, I like different.

Its got some interesting stuff going on with parts of it seemingly in major keys, clashing with stuff that's quite dark sounding. Makes for a slightly confusing listen in places, but also makes me want to play it straight over again because it's not like the majority of stuff posted here.


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Thanks for the feedback Laney! Yeah I see what you mean about the major and minor keys, I hadn't really noticed it until now, and now I cant not notice it! heh.
I may just do some playing about with the midi, get it all on the right scale in places where its busiest.

I'm glad its different too, theres so much stuff out there thats cookie cutter, sample pack rip off's that it can be hard to distinguish a sound of your own. Whether or not people like it is trivial to me, different strokes for different folks and all that.
nice breaks and drum samples here. gives it that really live drummer sound. the reece could use some more empasis in the upper range to here more of the modulation going on. it seems pretty interesting from what i can here though. the vocals are also a good touch. solid track overall!!

this is the latest track I've been working on. although it is just a preview clip the full version will be released very soon.
Any feedback before i send it off to get professionally mastered would be much appreciated. plus any thoughts on any online mastering services would be great too. Ive looked into a few but any opinions are welcome!!