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Jan 19, 2011
Derby, UK
Ez all,
My last mix I posted was a nod to all the liquid rollers doing the rounds at the moment. So it seemed only fitting to do the other end of the dnb spectrum some well deserved justice.

So here it is, some of my fave bigger tracks of the moment:

It’s On - Ulterior Motive
The Truth - Skeptical
Nervous - Mikal
St. Clair - Sabre
Obsession - Enei & MC DRS
Micro Organism - Phace & Noisia
The Rift - Jubei & Kasra
Snapcase - June Miller
The Editor - Dub Phizix
Fluctuate - Skeptical
Still There - Dabs & Amoss
Exploit - L 33
The Mines - Subwave
Zeus - Enei
Seven - Octane & DLR
Grand Funk Hustle - Die & Break
Columbia - Need For Mirrors
Envious - Commix
Tunnel Vision - Krakota
Barn (Break Remix) - Sato
Untitled (Sept 06) - Commix

All comments & critique welcome, and I hope you enjoy it
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