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Ez All,

The latest and greatest came out of the lab last night, there were a few birthing pains but were left with a healthy slab of bass.

Dont let the liquid fool you though, this gets neuro and nasty for the second half. I hope you like your tunes fierce!

Peel Street - Octane
Together - Logistics
Be True - Commix
Babyfaced Battleaxe - Foreign Concept
The Fourth - Blu Mar Ten
Taken - Eastcolors
Is Anybody Out There - Bcee, S.P.Y.
Whisper - Blu Mar Ten
Since We've Been Apart - D Bridge
Get Close - Mortem
Winter in Sardinia - ArpXp
Voyager 2 - Heavy1
The Abyss (Original Mix) - Ford
The Rift - Jubei & Kasra
Micro Organism - Phace & Noisia
Take A Side - Amoss
What's Wrong - Phace & Misanthrop
Contortion - Xtrah
So Close - Icicle
Obsession - Enei & MC DRS
Medellin - Spinline
Back In The Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix) - Octane
Freedom Of Filth - Phace
Splitface - Amoss
Blue Eyes - Skeptical
People - Dexcell

As always, comments and critique are more than welcome, in fact, encouraged

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