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Jun 9, 2009
Alreet there fella's! I shall just write a little background info on thyself.

21 Years of age, living in Derbyshire. Been into DnB now since I was about 16, but used to hate anything rave related, because of my lack of knowledge. I used to be into very heavy metal and grindcore, and thought the only type of rave was hardcore, and I hated that with a passion, and to be fair I still do.

Then I made a mate at college who liked DnB, and slowly turned me into liking it, and now I cannot get enough of it, and Dubstep, I go raving as often as the funding allows, mainly to Interface in Derby, but I will travel if called for, just this weekend I was down at The Big One in Skeggy (there were a few too many florescent colours there...).

The DJ that I love seeing the most Is Hazard, I just love the grime and dark sets that you can just go mental too.

I have come here to talk and learn about the beautiful world that is Drum and Bass.
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