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    Just realised I forgot to do one of these..


    Started mixing in 98, mainly with some classic hardcore and hiphop, then moved on to DnB later that year.. Was called Skuff by all my mates due to the amount of green I used to smoke, and it seemed to stick for my DJ name.. Played on various pirate stations around Essex (Renegade, Lush, Mystery) aswell as doing loads of local DnB nights.. Started producing in 2002, using reason, but never really took it seriously..

    Then after meeting my Mrs in 04 and having kids, I started to let everything slide as I didn't have the time.. After a few issues in 07 I quit smoking weed, and lost all inspiration for mixing and production, so everything was packed away..

    I then bumped into an old mate last year (unix) and got chatting, which instantly gave me the bug again.. So I went and got a new laptop and started making tracks again.. With 4 kids I don't have a lot of room in the house, so I had a studio built in my garden. Set all my old technics up, and was away!.. We then set up a little DnB group with myself Unix and a vocalist Lady Bex which is coming along nicely now..

    Career Highlight - Playing a set right in the middle of Ray Keith and Andy C

    Lowlight - Relying on weed for so long

    Sorry for my life story hahaha, but thought I may as well do it properly :D
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    i am here new zxybangla