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    Hello to you all. I'm new on here though I've been a dnb head for years.
    One of the main reasons I've joined up is because I've always got questions about past releases that I might have missed or what happened to this artist or that label?
    I know that sometimes artists and labels change names or change their styles, but it's not always easy to keep up. Especially if you're not regularly listening or buying tunes weekly.
    So with that said/ anyone know about a record that was around years ago? The only time I ever heard it was on Fabio and Grooverider's late night radio 1 show and it was at the start of one of Grooverider's DJ mixes back around October 1998? I'm sure the record was by Solid State and I went to Australia about a month after hearing the show for two years so never found out the tracks name? Although I had recorded it on tape so I did get to listen to it regularly.
    I can only describe it as one of those real long intros that are super jazzy and when it finally drops it's got a naughty little b line. It sounded like a bass guitar that had been filtered and that's the only way I can describe it?
    I've tried so many ways to search for it but had no luck, so anyone on here knows what I'm on about, please put me out of my misery.
    Nice one...
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    welcome to the forum mate. you'd get a bigger audience to help with your question if you posted it in the Tune ID section (located in the general forum). good luck :wave:
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    Sure is warping the fabric of space-time in here...