Howdy from Southern California...


Howdy everyone. I'm pretty new to DnB. I started kind of getting into dubstep about 6 months ago, but as I kept discovering more DnB'ish acts (e.g. Spor) I found myself liking the music even more. I'm still kind of unclear on all the genres and sub-genres, but as best as I can tell my favorite kind of DnB is Neurofunk. I've been getting into older Calyx/Teebee, Blockhe4d, Unknown Error, and Ed Rush/Optical lately...

I also dabble in production; I've had Reason since version 3, but have only really "worked" at it in these past few months. There's info in my profile and sig for the curious.

Thanks; I look forward to being exposed to lots of music here, and to learning a lot.
welcome my fellow californian! im fairly new to this forum but not dnb.

ed rush and optical are some of my favs! saw them at EDC this year and was fucking awesome!

you might also like kemal + rob data aka konflict as they helped form neurofunk, they stopped releasing around 2002 but are masters at what they did, kemal in particular. corrupt souls is another good one. but they also stopped releasing tunes as well. you definitely have some catching up to do.. but this forum alongside others will help get you there! theres obviously many more and im sure more people will throw in their favs as well.