Howdy Folks!!!


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Hi all!!

Thought i'd post an introduction as I really don't ever remember registering here but according to my profile I did in mid 2007! lol o_O

Any who... I'm originally from Essex (but not a chav in the slightest lol) but now in Stevenage and looking for other local DJs/MCs/Producers and Vocalists.

In the next month or so our extension room is going to become my small studio where i'll be able to mix online, produce and possible offer studio mix like services for friends etc.

I have a record label and another secret project running alongside the record label that are both in their infancy, with the birth of my second child just one week ago a lot of things were put on hold... but not for long!!!

I love jump up drum and bass, the more wobble and high pitched screeches the better lol! Each to their own as they say. I so like to listen to other styles of dnb here and there but prefer it lively.

I look forward to having a read about and really hope to meet some local people to mix with and maybe produce with... would be wicked to work on some collabs. As I say above l would also love to meet local MCs for radio shows, studio mixes and vocalists for adverts and production projects!

Anyone local and interested feel free to pm etc.

Thanks for reading hope to converse soon!