lonestar bryfry

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Sep 15, 2008
Hamilton(toronto), ON. Canada
hey every1..Bry-Fry from Canada here (T.O.); just introduced by listening to the new serum podcast; & oh gosh,what a way to start!!jungle rules, been raving cince 94, & can't listen to no other comp. based music now ha ha.lovin' the way the scene is goin' these days, & SOO much good tunes comin' out these days..still go by bryFry, Lonestar is just a statement of how i was feeling @ the time(& i guess i was lis'nin to bounty hunter vip right then)anyway,BIGG respect to allon this absolutley WICKED site, & to all ganja smokaz.e-z.thanx for the wicked tunez/vibes.
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