Howdoos from Know How in Camden

Hello All.
We are an independent Record shop based in Camden, Stocking all styles of DnB. We feature our charts in various magazines and also can be seen on 1xtra.
Hit us back if you would like to link to us in anyway, or display your myspace address on our page for free promotion.
Also if your a label or you put on a drum and bass night and would like to keep us updated on your releases and events please pm us.
Our drum and bass buyer is Dymond, who you can also pm if you would like to know about any forthcoming releases or promos.
cheers, peace and beats

VIP Junglist
Get off the tube @ camden, go right, walk past the 1st couple of little market stalls you come to then right again. On a good day you can hear the lovely dnb/hardcore breakbeat/breaks sound they pump out to entice you to go into their shop and buy choons. :D Also if your bored with that step into the pub literally next door and get mashed and leave your vinyl in there like i did years back.(On an off chance i went back weeks later when i was passing and they were still there, biggup to the bar staff) LOL