#how to setup Dual monitors

I searched first and I couldn't find a thread that explains how to set dual monitors up, so I did this.

I've seen a lot of people asking why have dual monitors and how to set them up. So I thought that I'd explain how to set them up and why you would want them.

This is what I use dual monitors for:

Vst's n' stuff on one screen and Ableton live or another program on the other.

To set up dual monitors, you'll have to do find the video output of you laptop or pc.

You could also have a HDMI output. Some laptops only have a HDMI output, so you'll have to use that.

Check your monitor to see what the input video port is, VGA, S-Video, DVI or HDMI and search on the internet for a cable that connects the two.

Just search on google something like HDMI to DVI cable, and it should come up.

When you connect your second monitor your computer/laptop may come up with a few options, normally options for dual monitors, mirror the screen, or just to use the other screen by its self.

Just remember to check if your computer/laptop supports dual monitors beforehand. Otherwise you could be in a bit of a pickle :rinsed: