How to produce the dark rollers + Liquid dnb?


Apr 27, 2010
safe evry1, am familiar with producing jump-up but want to explore into the dark rolling dnb side like the techstep and the neuro, and even the liquid side, any ideas on how to produce these 3 types of dnb? safe


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Nov 9, 2008
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need to be a bit more specific on what elements you need help with. If you're just gettin started the probs best to search tutorials on youtube.


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Apr 9, 2010
Liquid for me is mostly about finding that melody, the main groove (not the beat), whether its a progression or a sample! once you come up with a good, varied melody you just fit you basses and leads to the notes or the sample! you have to be creative with it thou, not using the same lets say 16 bars all over again, but putting other notes and chords in! if you understand a bit all that musical theory and aware of how notes go together, it will be easy, once you have identified the main key! Try looking up on audiotuts they have some good stuff on eg how to make a song with 4 notes! Also, when you write your bass and lead try to be creative as well! Experiment with automations, lfo's and different effects maybe off notes to make it more exciting! Finally, introduce some good background sounds to create some atmospheric feel, again its up to you, it could be loops or notes for crazy experimented pads! In terms of the beat, get the general structure and then try somehow rebuild it take some beats out fx some parts underneath keep it more percussively interesting (doesnt mean not interesting on kick and snare), get some good breaks chop them up fx them hipass all sorts of crazy sh*t you can think of! and you done!:D

thats a good video for progressions and how u build that melody! thanks to eyedepth for this link!


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Oct 17, 2008
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All about the intro's melody.

Also you need beats that flow. Anything too sporadic stops that rolling sound.

A good LFO speed for a bassline in liquid is 3:16. Gives it the same bassline wobble as "tomorrow's another day vip" by netsky.

And yeah... like dicobraz said... Melody and musical elements are most important for liquid.

For drums:
Try using just a rim shot or a lighter snare alongside amuch lighter kick. You dont need kicks and snares to bash in your ear drums in a liquid track. Maybe a dark roller but not liquid. lol


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Sep 17, 2010
kick, snare, percussion, high passed amen
harmonies, melodies, lead souds
smooth bass, lfo/sidechain/smooth bass


add vocals if u need a bit more 'identity' to the track
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